building automation system

Facility management just got a whole lot easier.


Building Automation System, a facility owner or manager, you end up wearing so many hats. With limited hours in the day, how do you fit it all in?

Get real-time alerts for events that require your attention. Our wireless sensors will let you know if there is motion after hours, a water leak, changes in temperature or humidity, or other unusual events.

Always know your properties are buttoned up with the LV Energy Systems Wireless Sensors for remote facilities monitoring and automation.

Here are a few examples of the systems that we can help you monitor and maintain.


Maintaining a complex heating and cooling system is a major challenge. What happens when one piece of the puzzle malfunctions?

        building automation system Get real-time alerts for HVAC events that require your attention. The               sensors can notify you about abnormal temperatures in ducts, within             your A/C unit, or at boilers. Our array of sensors can also monitor                   many other variables for concerning symptoms—including motor                   power draw and vibration. You can even monitor air velocity.

Remote Monitoring Systems for Plumbing & Water Leaks

Maintaining the temperature around plumbing is essential to keep water lines from freezing and breaking. LV Energy Systems Building Automation System can help you maintain the proper temperature and pressure around pipes in less used areas of your facility’s infrastructure. An alert will be sent to any internet-enabled device should conditions happen to change. Additionally, if a water leak does occur, our wireless water detection sensors will take action before  any costly water damage can occur.

Identify and Prevent Problems
Receive real time alerts before small issues turn into big, expensive problems.
Save Time and Resources
Automated system tracks your property for you. Stop wasting time and money doing it yourself!
Protect Your Reputation
There is nothing more valuable than your reputation – make sure it’s protected.
Regulatory Compliance
Remote monitoring can help you achieve and maintain regulatory compliance with ease.
Low Cost & Easy Installation
Unlike the majority of existing solutions, LV Energy Systems sensors are affordable and easy to use.
Monitor Anywhere, Automate Anytime
Monitor your property 24/7 via internet. 

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