PoE Lighting also known as Power over Ethernet (PoE), is built on a proven technology that has been around for many years.  It is typically used for telephone systems, security cameras and access control systems.  LV Energy Systems has taken this proven technology and applied it to PoE Lighting. How does poe lighting work? PoE Lighting converts traditional lighting into a low powered lighting solution with amazing benefits.

The results of using PoE Lighting are amazing.

What was once a large capital expense (CAPEX) to install a lighting solution, is now thousands of dollars cheaper by simply using PoE Lighting.  The result is a “digitally connected ceiling” that provides more than just lights to work under.

poe lighting


Because Poe Lighting solutions provide the foundation for intelligent building infrastructures. PoE Lighting fixtures are powered and controlled through the building network infrastructure.  We can also cost-effectively integrate sensors and actuators into PoE fixtures to provide data and control options.  Businesses can now extend their IT infrastructure to control automated curtains, daylight harvesting and dimming systems. Integrating their HVAC systems into their digitally connected ceiling. Without the expense of installing a separate Energy Management System. A space’s lighting control system can now control the perimeter heating and cooling system, with the integration of  building automation software.

Lighting Control

The brains behind our PoE Lighting solution is the Luminetworx™ Lighting Control System.  The control system does not reside on a network server. The Lighting Control software is located on a cloud server. Eliminating the need for any additional control hardware. Further reducing the initial cost of installation.  The Luminetworx™ Lighting Control system provides all of the logic and analytics that embody years of experience in the lighting and IT industry. Our lighting controls allow users to set up multiple control policies for each group of PoE Light fixtures. The control systems also provides its owns maintenance management. It can alert users when fixtures are not working and needs attention.  The office space can now adapt to the employee resulting in improved comfort and employee productivity.

Powered by Luminetworx™

The next component is the Luminetworx™ PoE switch. The PoE Switch delivers 90 watts per network port. LV Energy Systems has developed this switch so that it can operate in warmer temperatures.  At higher operating temperatures, installers can install the PoE switch outside of an temperature controlled network closet.

Each Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting fixture is controlled with a PoE driver. The PoE driver gets connected to the Luminetworx™ PoE switch via Cat6A ethernet cable.  The PoE Light fixtures and accessories will now be part of the building IT network.  A PoE fixture can be read, commanded and controlled by the Luminetworx™ Lighting Control platform.  Designing a connected lighting system now becomes simpler and cheaper than installing a traditional high voltage one.  A high voltage lighting infrastructure requires many safety systems. Conduit and armored cabling, breakers, etc which drive up costs. Adding to these costs is labor. A licensed electrician used to install high voltage systems will further increase costs. Due to the hours of labor required to install the system.  PoE lighting systems only require lower cost structured cable system. These low-voltage systems  can be installed by a low voltage technician resulting in considerable cost savings.

Employee Productivity with PoE Lighting

poe lighting


One of the greatest value added benefits from a digitally connected ceiling is employee productivity.  Employee spaces can now adapt to the employee.  Workers will be able to change the color temperature of their lighting systems.  PoE Lighting can also automatically dim the lights up or down. They can even adjust curtains to control outdoor sunlight.  By constantly adapting the space to the employees needs the result is comfort leading to better employee performance.

Easily and Efficiently Reconfigure Spaces

When a tenant moves out, their space is typically renovated to meet the needs of the new tenant.  The new tenant comes in and has their own floor plan with a different layout.  Each PoE Lighting fixture, sensor, light switch and actuator in a digitally connected ceiling can be physically moved. Because it connects to the network like a computer or phone. More importantly, having an IP addressable system allows lighting designers to adapt the lighting system to the new office layout.  Businesses can simply re-configuration a lighting layout in the lighting control software.  No need to initiate major high voltage rewiring or hire an electrician.  Landlords and Tenants stand to money, time and energy during renovation projects.

poe lighting


PoE Lighting Energy Savings.

Part of our job at LV Energy Systems is to make sure that our clients are saving money. We accomplish this though the use of energy efficient technologies. PoE Lighting Systems can perform double-duty as energy management systems. Eliminating the need to install separate hardware systems. The facts are undeniable, you can save 80% on your lighting electrical bill by installing PoE lighting.  Businesses and real estate developers can purchase Luminetworx™ PoE LED fixtures and accessories as part of a digital ceiling design plan. Your businesses can now leverage the Luminetworx™ Lighting and control platform to manage more than just lighting.  For example, an unoccupied space can have its lights dimmed or turned off and air conditioning controlled by the PoE Lighting system. Without having to install a separate standalone energy management system for the HVAC equipment.

Cost Effective

A digitally connected ceiling is less costly than a traditional lighting system. Through the use of advance installation tech. With PoE Lighting – hazards associated with legacy high voltage systems are eliminated.

Traditional LED Lighting systems save money over fluorescent lighting. However they still use the old legacy electrical distribution system which is expensive to remove and install. 

Power over ethernet Lighting infrastructure consists of ethernet cables, cable track management systems, and gets fed into a network closet.  The expensive legacy high-voltage distribution system including its armored cables, conduits, electrical enclosures and high voltages are fast becoming a thing of the past. Contact us to learn more about a digitally connected ceiling.


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