how does poe lighting work

PoE Lighting Installation

How hard is the PoE Lighting installation process? At Luminetworx™ our goal when designing the system was ease of use. We think we have done just that, Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting is the easiest system to install. We like to tell everyone that we have a 5 step install start to finish. So let’s review the […]

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Residential Outdoor PoE Lighting

Do your outdoor activities end when the sun goes down, it’s time to light up those outdoor spaces. Well-designed residential outdoor PoE lighting from Luminetworx™ can light the way when it’s pitch-black outside. Extend the time enjoying your pool, garden, and outdoor room with lighting that is well planned and placed. Lighting is as important to a successful […]

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Residential PoE Lighting Design

    Residential PoE lighting design is the first and most important step to a balanced, harmonious interior design. A room’s layout can be fantastic, but without the proper lighting for residential spaces, it can feel drab, dark, or stuffy. A thoughtful combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting makes rooms more comfortable—guests stay longer and […]

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PoE Lighting Efficiency

Although the energy efficiency of solid-state lighting has been documented, the most efficient way to power the lighting has been the subject of debate with emphasis on PoE Lighting Efficiency. The DOE (department of energy) published a report in November 2017 (herein referred to as “Part 1”) summarizing the results of an exploratory study investigating […]

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luminetworx energy monitoring

Luminetworx Energy Usage Monitoring

Luminetworx Energy Usage Monitoring Have you looked at your electricity bill to pinpoint where you can reduce your energy consumption? You probably noticed your energy company doesn’t provide you with much more than the amount of electricity used and what will cost you. Buying energy-efficient appliances, turning off lights or using lighting automation, and unplugging […]

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parking garage lighting


 1. MORE PERFORMANCE WITH LESS ENERGY Many parking garages have to be lit 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Replacing the traditional High Intensity Discharge (HID) style of fixtures with the lower wattage, high lumen packages of today can realize significant savings for property managers. Ultra high efficiency […]

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PoE Lighting

PoE Lighting also known as Power over Ethernet (PoE), is built on a proven technology that has been around for many years.  It is typically used for telephone systems, security cameras and access control systems.  LV Energy Systems has taken this proven technology and applied it to PoE Lighting. How does poe lighting work? PoE […]

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