Luminetworx Lighting Scenes

What Are Luminetworx Lighting Scenes?

With the Luminetworx lighting control system, you can manage multiple fixtures simultaneously whether you want to dim them or turn them on and off. The cool thing about Luminetworx PoE lighting solutions is that you can save your favorite settings, using a scene, and pull them up at the press of a button at a later time from a wall dimmer, web interface, mobile phone or any other mobile device – from your home or away. 

Scene controls or scene settings allow you to illuminate an area based onLuminetworx Lighting Scenes the lighting needs and activities you do there. Luminetworx lighting scenes are not one-sized-fits-all the way that standard lights are used. They’re customized to your room and daily patterns. Using lighting scenes in a smart lighting or home automation system also simplifies your routine by allowing you to activate scenes with one-button commands, or even better, based on preset schedules.

What Are Some Common Lighting Scenes?

Luminetworx lighting scenes are extremely useful whether you’re trying to enhance your facilities security, boost your holiday decorations, or simply conserve energy. Below we highlight some of our favorite scenes as well as some diverse ways to manage them:

  •   “Event in the Night”: Hear something suspicious outside? Press a button called “Event in the Night” that turns on all your outside lights and turns off inside ones. This way you get a clear view of what’s going on outside—and scare off intruders—while making it hard for anyone to look in.  
  • “Fire Event”: Some scenes can be programmed to happen automatically after a particular trigger. If your security alarm or fire detectors go off, the lights in your facility turn on to guide the way to the nearest exit.
  • “Sunrise/Sunset”: Luminetworx lighting systems use an astronomical clock to know when the sun will rise and set. It uses this to turn on outdoor lights at the appropriate time without having to rely on a standard timer that needs to be adjusted throughout the year.
  • “Movie Night”:  When you’re sitting with the family to enjoy a movie in your home theater or media room, press a “Movie Night” scene on your smart remote to dim the lights and close the shades to get better images on your screen. 

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