commercial lighting

You make your job look easy. Our job is to make it easier. We know that your commercial lighting needs extend far beyond the build. You need quality commercial lighting that will live up to your high expectations. We manufacture PoE Led products for several markets. These include architectural lighting, office lighting, commercial LED lighting. Additionally others like shop lights, lighted exit signs, commercial flood lights and much more. Whether you are a property manager, business owner or trade professional. Our industry experts have first-hand experience with building needs of all sizes.

Our PoE Lighting selection will bring the level of functionality and know-how you need to get each job done right. From utilitarian lighting fixtures like drop ceiling lighting or recessed can lights to higher end requirements. Such as restaurant lighting featuring commercial gooseneck fixtures with industrial and warehouse themes, we offer something for every need. From scalability to finer details, our commercial PoE LED lighting also offers high-end energy efficient light fixtures for quality aesthetics that match your desired level of energy consumption.

Office lighting

For large and small businesses, whether you are just opening your first office.  Or expanding an existing facility, or building with an entirely new campus that offices thousands of employees. You will find our office PoE lighting selection is up to the task. Since companies come in all shapes and forms, our PoE LED selection will tailor fit needs. Fitting your desired aesthetics, Commercial Lightingenergy consumption needs, scale, and budget. You shouldn’t have to compromise on quality or function to stay within budget! Our customer care team at LV Energy Systems will be able to work within you to match you with a certified installer in your region to meet your specific needs to deliver a customized solution that will leave both your finance team and facilities managers happy.


For a traditional office feel, drop ceiling lighting, commercial recessed lighting, commercial exit signs and the like are often in demand. Or if you are trying to really modernize your space and keep a clean, minimalistic and energized feel, our commercial PoE LED lighting is scalable to any project size. For added levels of security and protection after hours, our commercial flood lights come with PoE LED options as well as more conventional light fixtures to match your distinct needs.

Architectural lighting

For precision commercial needs. If you’re in the business of fulfilling architectural lighting needs. You carefully balance the best lighting systems, design and natural light. All in an effort to create environments that are suited human needs. From tapping into circadian rhythms to balancing lumens and Kelvins with natural and ambient lighting throughout the day. Our selection of architectural PoE lighting will provide lighting fixtures for indoor and outdoor needs. For outside, choose from surface mounted PoE light polls, LED flood lights, and up/down cans and bullets.  As a result addressing your landscaping and security needs. For interior applications, you’ll find our selection of architectural wall sconces, pendant lights, track lighting and more will carefully align with each lighting need. 

If you are ready to get your PoE Lighting project started contact us today and we will match you to a certified installer.

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