“Cisco is excited to work with Cree SmartCast and the global partner community to make the Digital Ceiling framework a reality,” said Tony Shakib, vice president, IoT verticals business unit, Cisco. “Cree’s expertise is important as we make this shift in the industry to help customers in the enterprise begin to harness the benefits of network powered smart lighting solutions.”

Cree® SmartCast Technology with PoE can deliver energy savings up to 70 percent greater than LED lighting alone, while making possible new services and experiences. 

“Cree’s SmartCast® Technology with PoE is transforming lighting with truly intuitive technology. Cree’s SmartCast® Technology with PoE software is also adaptive, allowing for future security enhancements such as signaling a school emergency, so we can continue to offer safer environments.” 

So how does Luminetworx compare to Cree Smart Cast? Let’s start with the obvious Cree SmartCast technology relies on Cisco to power it’s POE cree smartcastlighting. Cisco although a global leader in networking technology and used for powering many POE system but Luminetworx has decided to not rely on any one partner for such an important function. LV Energy Systems with over a decade working with PoE has created its own POE switch ensuring perfect compatibility, control and monitoring with the Luminetworx PoE Lighting system. Aside from the technological advantages LVES has been able to keep the cost down making the overall system price competitive and ensuring a faster ROI. The Luminetworx system has full IOT capabilities to manage every aspect of the lighting system with its cloud based control interface. Want to learn what other advantages over Cree the Luminetworx PoE System has?

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