LV Energy Systems is now officially the first PoE Lighting installation in South Africa . We have now gone liveFirst PoE Lighting South Africa at a food processing facility in Durban, South Africa. Our Luminetworx™ PoE high bay lighting fixtures where used as a replacement for the existing fluorescent lighting. The Poe Lighting installation was able to double the lumen output at a quarter of the power consumption. Compared to the legacy fluorescent lighting system that was in place. Additionally by adding an inverter or ups we will be able to eliminate any load shedding disruptions in power regularly experienced in the South African market.

Luminetworx™ as of this moment is officially established in South Africa. We have an established team of skilled professionals at the ready. As a result we can help you with any of your lighting or load shedding needs. Luminetworx™ S.A. can help you reduce installation costs (proprietary installation process) and long term usage costs no matter what the application. Luminetworx™ S.A. has all the items needed for every installation, residential, commercial, industrial and more.

As first to market in South Africa Luminetworx™ the PoE lighting market leader brings with it, years of expertise in both lighting and automation. Luminetworx™ innovative installation method allows for the reduction of copper by 50% of standard systems of its kind. As a result a reduction of 70% on labor hours required to install the PoE lighting system.












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