After years of focusing on LED lighting for energy efficiency, attention is shifting to Intelligent Lighting Technology like PoE lighting. The availability of low-cost, ultra-miniature LEDs, sensors and communications protocols now makes it possible to embed Internet connectivity into every lighting fixture and most low-wattage sensors, and to do so with a low price tag. Because the entire system is powered and controlled over an ethernet cable, network-enabled PoE devices can provide any user immediate access and control over the entire system from any local or remote location.

PoE LED Intelligent Lighting System

LEDs are already used far beyond their basic lighting function in building automation applications to indicate occupancy, adjust mood, conserve energy and remote control. Their use expands by combining intelligence with movement or ambient light sensors and interconnecting the PoE lighting nodes in a programmable network.

These intelligent lighting advancements are now impacting all areas of society. From government buildings to healthcare facilities and homes, PoE’s lighting applications are quite diverse. From providing better intelligent lighting control to asset management, IT network providers like Luminetworx are providing PoE standard hardware to enable Power over Ethernet lighting solutions to all industries.

PoE Lighting at Work in Health Care

There are many factors that affect a patient’s experience in a hospital or clinic and increasingly the research on patient well-being has expanded to include the environment in which they recover. Of all the possible structural tools a hospital can manipulate to improve the atmosphere, lighting is one of the most important and one of the easiest to improve. The value goes beyond safety and includes setting the mood for comfort, stress relief, and optimized recoveries with circadian rhythm settings as an example.  

PoE LED Lighting in Ambient Lighting 

Ambient lighting in hospital rooms and on the hospital premises can influence a patient’s well-being by directly controlling the body’s circadian system or enhancing lighting for accomplishing critical visual tasks by using Intelligent Lighting Technology. Intelligent Lighting Technology with Luminetworx PoE LED Lighting SystemHospital lights that respond to sunlight outside and allow for daylight harvesting can have a serious impact on the happiness of its residents. This is becoming increasingly accepted as fact as research findings show that lighting influences the mood and perception of patients and healthcare staff which – when optimized – may contribute to improved patient outcomes.

Luminetworx PoE LED Lighting Lowers Facility Costs 

Hospital and healthcare facilities managers are then put in a difficult position as they see their budgets tighten at the same time that the public demands better quality care and improved facilities. In this situation, Luminetworx PoE LED lighting is the ideal option.  Luminetworx PoE LED lighting & our Wiz management platform will bring down the cost of operating the facility lighting while improving the quality of lighting. It is the perfect solution for hospitals that have a solid but dated structure and who need to work around the regulations and ever-changing safety requirements. PoE LED lighting will allow for improved benefits today while setting the facility up to flexibly accommodate changes in the future. PoE technology can go further than just lighting – it can also be a platform to continue to optimize operational efficiency and safety by using sensors to alert staff to suspicious movement of people, or to dim lights that are not being used.  

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