PoE lighting UK brings you the most efficient technology using Less power consumption , More light. Today, energy consumption in our societies comes in various forms. Since the Industrial Revolution, technological advancements have constantly increased daily energy consumption. Fortunately, more recent innovations have enabled us to reduce consumption of everyday products. Such as is the case with PoE lighting! With the advent of PoE LED technology, lamps and fixtures have a longer life span. They are more efficient and require less energy. In a nutshell, this means that energy-efficient PoE lighting products use less electricity while offering the greater light output. An 85% reduction in energy consumption for PoE LED lamps compared to incandescent lighting.

Are energy-efficient PoE Lighting products truly effective?

When we talk about energy efficiency, we usually refer to a product that uses less energy yet offers equal performance when compared to that of a similar product. For instance, when we examine our Energy Efficient PoE recessed Lighting, we see that their lumen output stands at 600 when consuming 5 watts. While their traditional counterparts use up to 50 watts. This substantial gap significantly impacts the costs of electricity required to power our lights! Whether dealing with household lighting fixtures or business lighting equipment, opting for certified PoE lighting products can have a major impact on your monthly electric bills.

Select Energy Efficient PoE products for greater efficiency

What is the true impact of Energy Efficient PoE products? What direct bearing does this type of product have on your energy bills?

First of all, energy-efficient PoE lighting products allow you to reduce your costs. Whether you are the owner of a large building or a small business, you are inevitably responsible for monthly utilities costs. Why not look for cost-effective solutions to reduce the recurring outlay and save dollars? Minor changes can have a huge impact! So, save money on your lighting by reducing your energy bill.

Besides, we all know that our habits have an immediate effect on the environment. Selecting energy-efficient products will allow you to help minimize environmental pollution.


  1. Switch to PoE lights.
  2. Favour motion-sensor lighting solutions. Light your spaces only when necessary. A practical and simple choice you don’t even need to worry about!
  3. Look for and give preference to Energy Efficient PoE certified products. This certification is a badge of quality. You can be assured that the products you purchase meet all energy-efficiency guidelines.
  4. Don’t forget to turn off your lights when you don’t need them! A simple gesture, but one that can be quite profitable over time.

Our Projects Department Simplifies Things For You To Deliver Less power consumption, More Light

You may not know this, but PoE Lighting UK offers energy audit services, lighting layouts and the calculation of cost estimates. Thanks to a turnkey solution available through our estimating department, you can be assured of energy savings at every turn! When installing a new lighting system, or improving your existing one, our team will help you save money. Upgrade the quality of your present lighting, maximize your energy savings and considering your return on investment as well as your recovery time. PoE Lighting UK takes care of it all! We support and guide you through the implementation of your lighting projects.

Still have questions? Want to know more about the latest line of PoE Lighting brought to you by PoE Light UK PoE? Contact us now to speak with one of our consultants.

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