Luminetworx Lighting Controls Integrations, the Luminetworx supports Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and a handful of other, smaller smart home platforms. The Luminetworx does a great job of making it easy to connect with them — for instance, when you tap the option for adding Alexa, it’ll switch apps and send you directly to the authentication page in the Alexa app.

Luminetworx Lighting Controls Integrations is missing integration to Apple HomeKit, but you can still use Siri toluminetworx lighting control integrations control these Luminetworx PoE fixtures if you’re willing to use Apple’s Shortcuts app, which lets you trigger your apps with custom Siri commands. It’s a more limited experience than you get with HomeKit, which lets you program and control devices from various brands in Apple’s Home app, but it does the job. For example, you can created a shortcut that turns any Luminetworx fixture in my bedroom on just by saying, “Hey Siri, cue the lights.” That’s probably not enough for anyone who’s already seriously invested in Apple HomeKit, but it’s enough for the Luminetworx to say that it supports voice controls by all three of the major voice assistants. Advanced integrations are in the works and will be available soon including a full fledged building automation system.

The Luminetworx privacy policy, which does a better job than most of explaining the company’s data practices in plain English. Per that policy, the only info Luminetworx collects when you use its fixtures are unique product identifiers and diagnostic information, as well as things like a Home ID and specific user preferences from using the app. Luminetworx also does not share user data with any third parties for the purposes of targeted advertising. We believe that any information regarding your system is your intellectual property and would never look to profit from your data.

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