Luminetworx™ poe light switch is more than a standard light switch, it is a self contained controller. What exactly does that even mean? The poe light switch has the ability to store system settings with it’s onboard microcontroller. OK, what does that mean? That means that the Luminetworx™ lighting control system sends programing information to the light switch and once the data has been updated it no longer needs to be connected to the lighting control system server. It functions autonomously in that it can operate any number of poe lights via bluetooth or wifi without ever needing to communicate with the server.

Taking closer look at safety

So it’s safe, it’s PoE powered, but it’s still just a standard switch, right? On, off, and dim? The Luminetworx™ poe lightPoE Light Switch switch comes in two flavors, poe and battery powered. Although it can do all those things above it doesn’t require any line voltage making it extremely safe and it has an entire suite of features outside of the normal realm of lighting, our switch can also control any of those features. It can change the color of RGB lights right from your switch. Using our White Light Tuneable it can change your white light any time with nothing more than the Wall Switch.

Using the Luminetworx™ lighting control  software, you can cycle the functionality of a Wall Switch. With the click of a button, the Wall Switch could go from changing light intensity to changing the colors of an RGB downlight. Similarly, that same Wall Switch could be changed to control color temperature or activate a preset scene.

We’re constantly adding to the feature set of our devices and the Wall Switch is no different. More easy to use but complex tasks are coming soon, including more lighting functionality.


If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx™ PoE light switch and controls contact us now.

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