Although there are a few poe lighting companiespoe lighting companies on the market not all are built the same. Let’s review the reasons why LV Energy Systems Luminetworx™ brand of PoE lighting is different and why we feel that we are more advanced than our competitors. I will not talk about our competitors that is not our style but what I will do is highlight what makes us special.

Let’s try and look at this objectively and not through rose colored glasses. Now I am not suggesting that our competitors systems are no good I am merely going to point out why I feel our system is better. Below I will list the options that our competitors don’t have, no need to list the features we share in common.

  1. Luminetworx™ does not require an in house control server.
  2. Luminetworx™ does not require a gateway.
  3. Luminetworx™ in not node based (improves redundancy)
  4. Luminetworx™ does not have the typical 300 plus foot cable length limitation. We have successfully tested lengths of 1000′ and are currently testing 1500′ cable runs. 
  5. Luminetworx™ is able to install parking lot lighting because of item number 4.
  6. Luminetworx™ does not require an internet connection to operate.
  7. Luminetworx™ uses multiple forms connectivity to operate improving functionality and redundancy. (awarded patented process)
  8. Luminetworx™ is the simplest and quickest PoE lighting system to install. We have spent huge amounts of money perfecting the 5 step installation process.
  9. Luminetworx™ is the only company that manufactures every component to the system. Our competitors may tell you that this is a flaw or weakness but we know different. For one this feature allows us and you the installer to have a lower cost of install, we are also the only person you ever need contact when and if any technical issues arise. But i think the biggest plus is that we have manufactured every component from the switch to the fixture to work cohesively with each other. This allows us to have a true system warranty and not just a component based warranty.
  10. When you order a PoE lighting system from LV Energy Systems you merely tell us how many rooms and options you want and we configure the entire system you receive a system that needs no additional components, parts etc.. This in itself is unlike any other poe lighting companies.


If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx™ PoE light switch and controls contact us now.


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