PoE lighting cost comparison, how can we compare the cost of installation? A traditional linepoe lighting cost comparison voltage lighting system vs. a PoE lighting system have many differences and only one similarity. They both produce light, in the end this is the only thing that matters, right? Well not so, especially in the current economical and environmental climate we live in. At times it is better to spend more upfront to save on energy costs in the long run. So does that mean that PoE lighting is more expense to install?

The answer is no, PoE lighting is far more economical to install than a traditional line voltage lighting system. But aren’t led lights super energy efficient? So why would or should I waste my time learning and then installing new technology like PoE lighting? Great point but also an ignorant point of view. Below I will outline all the reasons that PoE lighting is more economical both in upfront costs and in the long term.

The Cost Breakdown

  1. The number of labor hours to install PoE lighting is 80% less.
  2. The cost of the raw materials is about 20% less with PoE lighting.
  3. Complexity of installation, PoE lighting far less complex to install than line voltage lighting.
  4. Lighting controls, Luminetworx™ PoE Lighting includes lighting controls. Line voltage lighting solutions require an additional cost to install lighting controls. The cost of which can range from 15-20% of the total cost of the lighting system.
  5. Emergency lighting, PoE lighting uses remote battery systems. By using remote battery systems you eliminate the higher cost of battery backup lights and signs and you reduce the ongoing maintenance costs as you only have one battery to test on a monthly basis.

So these are just the top 5 cost savings. The environmental savings include use of less raw materials (copper) causing less of an impact on the environment. Ongoing reduction in energy use. A Poe lighting systems requires less maintenance to operate. Savings through intelligence, lighting automation accounts for an additional 10-15 of energy conservation. These are just  a few examples of the many benefits of switching to poe lighting.



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