PoE Lighting Features and benefits come in many forms below are some of the prominent points.



  1. Luminetworx™ PoE LED Lighting can reduce your overall electrical expense by 35% or more with up to 50% or more in some instances. https://lvenergysystems.com/case-study-downloads
  2. Luminetworx™ uses the best LED Chips on the market. Our fixtures feature two of the world’s top ten best LED chips in 2021 making our lights some of the brightest.  We deliver more lumens per watt than most other brands.  
  3. Luminetworx™ PoE LED Lighting is the world’s only purely low-voltage PoE LED lighting solution. Our drivers are configured to draw 30 watts or less with less than 34 volts and less than 1 amp, a full 35% less than their rated maximum draw.    
  4. Luminetworx™ UPoE Switches provide a substantial amount of power. Today’s Gen3 switch is a 24-Port Managed Layer 2 UPoE Gigabit Switch with a maximum PoE budget of 1KW or 1000W.  That means our UPoE switches can be used to support both the power and communication needs of other IoT/PoE products like IP surveillance (both fixed and motorized cameras), IP access control terminals, network computers, IP telephones, commercial monitors, exhaust and ceiling fans, thermostats, and sensors.  Tomorrow’s Gen4 will have two offerings: a new 24-Port UPoE switch with an improved PoE budget of 1,200W (20% improvement); an 8-Port UPoE Switch with a 410W PoE budget; and a Multi-Port PoE Injector designed exclusively for Luminetworx™ Emergency/exit lighting series.    
  5. Luminetworx™ UPoE switches are designed to be plugged directly into a standard NEMA 15-Amp Outlet on a dedicated circuit. While we recommend including one of our power-protection options that feature full sine-wave conversion, a properly surge-protected GFCI outlet will suffice.

PoE Lighting Features and Benefits

Cut costs

Lower expenses by eliminating wall circuits for endpoints and consolidating uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems.

Save time icon

Save time

Shorten deployment time through the interoperability testing of devices.

PoE Lighting Features and Benefits

Conserve energy

Reduce energy expenditures by using Energy Efficient Ethernet (EEE).

Improve performance icon

Improve performance

Extend intelligent load-shedding capabilities to switch-connected devices.


PoE Lighting Features and Benefits comes in a complete package

We are arguably one of the smallest OEMs out there.  But despite our stature, Luminetworx™ is the most comprehensive PoE LED Lighting solution on the market today.  From our process to our design, every single aspect has been thoughtfully engineered to extend lifecycle, to reduce power consumption and to provide absolute control. 


  1. LV Energy Systems’ Luminetworx™ is a completely proprietary PoE LED Lighting system from the fixture to the outlet. Most other brands offer only one or a few components:  be it a PoE Driver-ready fixture or smart bulb; the PoE Driver or node; or a lighting controls platform.  Luminetworx™ offers a wide variety of fixtures for every space, inside or out for every building type and every application.


  1. Luminetworx™ is the most cost effective PoE LED Lighting solution on the market. Our dealer pricing is a full 50% below our published retail price.  Not only are we considerably less than other premium AC-based LED and PoE LED lighting products, but our pricing also includes advanced lighting automation controls.  This allows our partners to win more PoE opportunities and convert more AC-based systems.


  1. Luminetworx™ Lighting Controls reduces up to 60% of energy wasted lighting unoccupied space. Our singular intelligent sensor can be used for daylight harvesting (dimming lights adjacent to fenestrations and supplementing with natural sunlight), occupancy (automatically turn lights on when motion is detected) and vacancy (automatically turn lights off when no motion has been detected for a set period of time).

If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx™ PoE lighting and controls contact us now.





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