According to Cisco the environmental benefits are far beyond what we imagined. According to Cisco the use of PoE lighting further reduces the strain on the planet by eliminating materials required to build the product and subsequently reducing Co2 emissions (see chart below).


PoE lighting reduces power, material, labor and maintenance.
  • Reduces the up-front construction cost and time to completion when using PoE for cabling, installation, and configuration, including a dramatic reduction in installation “carbon footprint” – no conduit required, no high voltage copper wiring required
  • Use of low voltage PoE increases safety and eliminates the need for certified electrician for installation and the inevitable modification.
  • As LED lights need DC power to operate, AC powered LED fixtures must convert their power source through a transformer to DC. This can result in 20% loss in power in the form of heat. As PoE is native DC power no transformer need and no resulting power loss.

If you would like to learn more about the Luminetworx™ PoE lighting and controls contact us now.

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