Smart PoE lighting, PoE uses Internet Protocol (IP)-based communication. Meaning everything connected to it becomes a part of the Internet of Things (IoT). This simply means that those devices are now connected to the internet. Therefore capable of more than being simply on and off devices. They are now, simply put, micro computers. This in turn will help your IoT technology remain agile within your smart building. All connected devices transfer data inside of buildings. Allowing the building management to make data specific decisions. 

Current trends in IOT

As we connect static devices and systems. Such as lighting, HVAC, security, and more thought the use of analog to digital gateways. The IoT networks becomesmart poe lighting increasingly common and competitively necessary. As a result the total number of potential devices in the cloud enters into the billions. However, for smart poe lighting and other smart building devices to become a reality, they need a universal ability to speak with each other. 

Beyond any considerations of cost and efficiency, PoE powered luminaires can be paired with sensors, wireless communication modules, and embedded processors. With a Power over Ethernet smart building platform. Building designers can capture the benefits of a structured cable system while still layering on Bluetooth, beaconing , and other systems. 

IOT in a building ecosystem

For property managers, smart building technology offers a wealth of opportunities.  Allowing for the streamlining of building automation. As a result enhancing the buildings efficiency and providing a value-add. PoE technologies and PoE devices are delivering cost savings, easy installation, and enhanced flexibility to projects of all sizes.

By managing the lighting via the IP (IOT) network, automation of the lighting system becomes infinitely simpler. The light comes on automatically when it is needed and turns off again when the last person leaves the room. The problem of employees forgetting to switch off the lights after work, is now a thing of the past. The management via the data network can do much more. With daylight harvesting, the  smart PoE lighting is adjusted to the daylight in the room. Allowing you to achieve the desired brightness level at all times. The set point can be specified individually for each area and for each workstation. The dimming of the luminaires is so subtle that the people present may not aware of it.


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