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Lighting and HVAC represent over 70% of your building’s energy usage and are the biggest source of comfort complaints. With the Olympus B.A.S,Olympus B.A.S what if your lighting and HVAC systems worked together, in harmony, providing:

  • one unified, graphical and actionable view of system performance and energy spend?
  • optimal comfort and energy efficiency?
  • more value … for the life of your building? 
  • automated preset settings for energy efficiency
Olympus B.A.SPoE Lighting UK brings together the Luminetworx PoE lighting system and the Olympus HVAC control solution to the UK. With a single, powerful control interface, for a truly unified building automation system.


Olympus Building Automation is EASIER

Simplify design, reduce installation time and costs, improve maintenance and serviceability, all while increasing
reliability of multi-application integration, for improved comfort and energy efficiency.

LV Energy Systems B.A.S
Easier to Spec – common platform for both lighting and HVAC control; designed to work together, with a single communication protocol, for a predictable and reliable outcome

Easier to Install – one programming environment; one visualization interface to learn, deliver and service

LV Energy Systems B.A.S
Easier to Manage – one visualization interface providing an actionable view into your system performance and your energy spend
Easier to Scale – standardization to ensure compatibility and support of future lighting and HVAC customization

LV Energy Systems B.A.S
Easier to Optimize – harmonized control sequences, leveraging a common sensor network, for optimal energy savings and comfort

Easier to Service – benefit of two specialized sales and support channels coming together to deliver your unified building controls solution

Olympus B.A.S includes:

  • Automation and efficiency without having to manually adjust settings daily to control a building environment.
  • Protection of buildings and contents by real-time monitoring of heating, cooling and humidity – saving you from burst pipes and broken equipment.
  • Reduced operating costs by monitoring performance, and optimal equipment run times and settings with an average 25 percent savings.
  • Increased comfort and productivity by having properly conditioned air, and correct exchange of CO2 and dust within a space.
  • Safer environments with automated responses for fire safety and emergencies.
  • Early fail detection means less time spent maintaining the system.
  • Analytics to gain an additional 10-15 percent energy savings with optimization.

To find out more about the Olympus HVAC Building Automation Solution contact us now.


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