PoE LED Lighting Australia


PoE LED Lighting Australia

Luminetworx is now officially doing business with its PoE LED Line Luminetworx in Australia. We are taking this amazing energy saving PoE LED Lighting system internationally. Starting immediately we are servicing the country of Australia and selling our full line of PoE LED Lighting and other LV Energy Systems products. Servicing all industries and verticals industrial, commercial, parking garages, office spaces. For more information on how to become an authorized Luminetworx reseller of to learn more please reach out to us at 61245040292 or email us.


Luminetworx PoE LED Lighting

Companies must embrace the digital disruption to stay relevant, profitable and attract talent.

Internet of Things (IoT) is the core technology of smart buildings  and cities where devices collect and share data about themselves, their users, their environments, and the other devices with which they connect. This data provides insights allowing businesses to maximize energy savings, optimize space and improve employee wellbeing and productivity.


Luminetworx Building Automation System

The LV Energy System team has been working for the last 12 years in the Low Voltage Construction and Managed Services industry. LV Energy Systems is a technology firm passionate about helping businesses to increase operational efficiency, reduce costs, and drive sustainability.  With our team of developers we have spent the last several years working on exactly that. LV Energy Systems B.A.S being our new flagship solution. As you can see below we have not missed a beat with what it can do, currently in multiple Health Care Facilities, Campus Environments, Major Airports, Amusement Parks, Manufacturing facilities and smart cities.  We are working everyday to increase its reach and scope. Let us stop by and show you how it can work for your organization.

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