LV Energy System’s goal is to create “intelligent” buildings, to go beyond lighting. The Future of PoE LED Lighting is a great backbone to build on because lighting is everywhere. Powering other low-voltage loads beyond lighting such as CCTV, Access Control, HVAC, that are all a part of the building system eco-system.

It’s about getting a building to communicate directly through the sensors  tothe future of poe led lighting all of the loads  to create the most efficient and intelligent building possible. Our vision is eco-system our complete building automation system and to continue partnering with companies that have building systems within a building, including HVAC systems, making eco-system truly vendor agnostic. We are powering lights, ceiling fans and more already, and they’re all on our network and controlled through network protocol.”

One of LV Energy Systems recent projects is set up ventilation fans to refresh the air based on the air quality sensors for a winery. The customer won’t have to turn on the fans or remember to turn them off.  This system runs through a circadian rhythm cycle throughout the day, and the sensors change the brightness levels.

Not only can each LED lamp be controlled and monitored separately, but occupancy sensors can also turn off the lights when no one is in the space. 

The Future of PoE LED Lighting is IT-based lighting the future of the industry, and it is developing rapidly. LV Energy Systems is excited to be a part of it. “I think there’s a great opportunity for networking companies and networking entrepreneurs to get into this space and be able to take on, manage and support these projects from start to the finish giving them an additional revenue stream. “

The Luminetworx brand of PoE LED lighting is emerging as the industries only complete lighting system. Want to know more contact us today for a full demo.

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